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Founded in 1992, David Blore Associates is an independent provider of choice for corporate and personal psychological solutions. We provide a dedicated occupational psychological service focusing on minimising the effects of psychological trauma at work preferably by prevention, but where this is not possible, by psychological treatments recommended by the National Institute for Health & Clinical Excellence (NICE). Details on these treatments can be obtained from our information pages.

It is perhaps unfortunate that we are often called upon first when treatment is required. Sometimes however that is not the case and organisations will contact us to help devise a policy to prevent psychological trauma. When this happens the result is either we are asked to help management or HR departments formulate policy or act as external consultants. Occasionally we are asked to attend 'staged' disaster exercises as independent observers. If you are interested in discussing any prevention issues please email us

As a natural extension to psychological treatment and as part of the cost of treatment, we provide a subsequent absence management service aimed at sustaining a return to work after the completion of treatment. Where requested discharge letters intended for passing to occupational physicians are provided with return to work plans particularly in cases involving safety critical work. Please note that due to the highly specialised nature of our work we prefer to communicate with an organisation's occupational physicians rather then the relevant GP.

The treatment portion of the above service is provided on a case-by-case basis which is ideal for any organisational size where physical and/or psychological risk is a significant component of the working environment. Examples include all organisations with direct contact with the public, typically the service sector such as the emergency services, hospital staff, all types of public transport, the insurance sector, teaching, local government etc. and those parts of the manufacturing sector in which specific risks may occur or can be witnessed such as the results of catastrophic equipment failure, mechanical and traffic injuries and fatalities etc. Please note we are neither a counselling service nor an EAP.

Other services provided:

We don't just provide services to occupational sources. We also provide trauma treatments as per recommendations in psychological reports for medicolegal claims. We are frequently contacted by solicitors representing clients who have been involved in all manner of traumatic experiences typically road traffic crashes. Again please email us to discuss your requirements.

'Trauma' comes in all forms, not just life-threatening forms. Increasingly we find that what may appear to a casual onlooker as an almost incidental life event, was ultimately to its recipient, a major life changing event. The teacher or parent for instance who told their child they were 'hopeless and would never succeed at anything' will surely have sown the seeds of doubt'. It isn't until later in life when the child now an adult tries to succeed at something that they discover something they had been originally told many years previously – that the original "touchstone memory" still affects them. This is the scenario that sportsmen and women and even exam-takers encounter and where our performance enhancement service comes in. Psychological treatments for trauma aren't just effective on life threatening events they are effective on life-changing events too.

Essential Training Consultancy

Essential Training Consultancy - David Blore Associates

This is our EMDR clinical supervision service, which merged with DBA Ltd on 1st June 2014.

David Blore has been providing EMDR clinical supervision since 1997 from clinicians new to EMDR training up to, and beyond, becoming an EMDR UK & Ireland Association Accredited EMDR Consultant. He has developed a reputation as an accreditation supervisor of choice across numerous NHS Trusts and private practice clinicians.

David was trained in England and Holland by Francine Shapiro, the discoverer of EMDR. He has been using EMDR since 1993 following a mining disaster in the UK, several European countries (including teaching in Moscow in 1998 following the Siberian mining disasters). Whilst on a humanitarian trip to Turkey following the 1999 earthquakes he also assisted EMDR clinicians following the mining disaster at Zonguldak on the Black Sea coast. He has also been involved in the aftermath of the 2010 Chilean miners rescue and the 2014 Soma mining disaster in Turkey. From there he moved into occupational trauma in various industries including the petrochemical and railway industries, military/veterans, service and manufacturing industries. In addition he has experience of a wide range of other mental health presentations and currently has 40 peer-reviewed presentations and publications in the Francine Shapiro library see also David's CV

Clinical supervision can be provided face-to-face individually or in groups, face-to-face via Skype, by telephone and, where appropriate, by email. If you would like to enquire about EMDR clinical supervision at affordable prices please email us.

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Breaston is situated on the A6005 between Nottingham and Derby. Sat Nav: DE72 3DW. Several artists are displaying their work.

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EMDR Academy - David Blore Associates

We are proud to announce a link-up with EMDR Academy. EMDR Training Consultancy - David Blore Associates David Blore Associates Ltd will be providing training workshop days to EMDR Academy commencing with the first ever full-day training in the EMDR Blind-to-Therapist Protocol. Places can be booked via: the EMDR Academy workshop page. Other workshops being planned in collaboration with EMDR Academy will include: Using EMDR in a Time-limited Environment and Welcome to Your Potential: EMDR and Positive Psychology - applications for CPD points are being made for all workshops. Don't miss out!

Essential Training Consultancy - David Blore Associates On the 1st June 2014 Essential Training Consultancy (ETC) commenced a merger with David Blore Associates Ltd. - to be completed by 31st July 2014. All ETC customers will be sent a formal notice of change in trading status complete with new BACs payment details, email and postal address. If you have not received this notice please contact us by email.

David Blore's book "In Search of the Antonym to Trauma" was published on 24.6.12 and is now available on Amazon.
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In Search of the Antonym to Trauma book

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We are located in picturesque York city centre. Our clients come to us from many parts of the UK especially the North of England. With usually only a one hour appointment there is plenty of time to turn your visit to us into a visit to York. Click here for ideas.

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