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David Blore

David Blore
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Mission statement

Our mission statement is to be the best, most cost effective occupational psychological trauma service.

We shall achieve this mission by providing timely evidence-based clinical interventions to minimise distress, maximise the normal psychological healing process and to return the individual concerned back to normality within their occupational community with the minimum delay and with the maximum sustained work attendance thereafter. To achieve this we aim to be involved in training individuals in targeted prevention of trauma and its awareness as well as the utilisation of state-of-the-art psychological first aid, foster good communications, accurately disseminate current knowledge, and liaise with all those concerned in an individual employee's welfare.

Company details

Company registered in the UK number: 4943701

Central correspondence address

David Blore Associates Ltd.
Suite 303
Clifford House
7-9 Clifford Street

Please note: Faxes are no longer used by David Blore Associates. If you wish to send documents to the company please scan / convert to .pdf format, and then email to: help@davidblore.co.uk.

Central 24 hour voicemail

+44 (0)7976 933096

Central clinical email address


Clinic in the UK in York - liaison worldwide.