Meet the Clinical Team

David Blore Associates - David Blore Profile Pic David Blore is a Consultant Psychotherapist accredited in EMDR since 2001 and CBT since 1994. He is the company's Clinical and Research Director. David is our York therapist and a visiting lecturer on EMDR at Teesside University. He has recently completed a PhD at Birmingham University and has been using EMDR for 18 years. He was originally trained by the discoverer of EMDR, Dr. Francine Shapiro. David has numerous publications on the treatment of psychological trauma. David's CV is available here.

David Blore Associates - Fokkina McDonnell Profile Pic Fokkina McDonnell is our Manchester therapist. Following a career as an Occupational Psychologist Fokkina became a UKCP registered Psychotherapist in 1998. She is an EMDR Consultant and Training Facilitator and has qualifications in Hypnotherapy, Coaching and Supervision. She runs a private therapy and supervision practice in Stretford, Manchester. Fokkina has been using EMDR, one of the treatments of choice for psychological trauma, for over 10 years.

David Blore Associates - Matt Wesson Profile Pic Matt Wesson is our Chester therapist. He is an accredited EMDR trainer and consultant, and an accredited Cognitive Behavioural therapist. His background is in the military with over 20 years experience of the psychological effects of trauma in the UK and abroad. Matt is our link with

David Blore Associates - Lesley Watts Profile Pic Lesley Watts is our Hull therapist. Lesley is a Psychotherapist and has trained and worked extensively within the emergency services particularly the NHS & Police Service for over 30 years. She initially undertook nurse training in 1977 and later trained as a Psychotherapist as a Specialist Practitioner in Occupational Health and EMDR Consultant/Clinical Supervisor. Lesley runs a private practice 'the Westwood' in Beverley/Walkington East Yorkshire.