The material contained within this website about both EMDR and CBT is for information only. It is specifically designed to extend the background knowledge of clients undergoing either treatment modality. It is not sufficient in itself to be a replacement for EMDR or CBT nor is the material intended to constitute instructions that implies adequate information to conduct the self use of either EMDR or CBT or should the information be used as such.

Indeed to prevent this erroneous assumption and to prevent self use key parts have been omitted thus making the instructions published online both safe and ineffective in themselves. Key elements of preparation will be fully explained within therapy itself.

Neither David Blore Associates Ltd nor Essential Training Consultancy accepts any liability for misuse of the information contained within this website. If you have any concerns about your therapy you are strongly recommended to make early contact with your therapist on +44 (0)7976 933096 for instructions and failing this with your GP. If you are undergoing EMDR help is constantly available here.