Medicolegal Service

We rarely undertake purely a psychological assessment of those involved in civil claims, instead we are treating clinicians specialising in the treatment of occupational trauma. We are pleased to receive instructions to provide psychological therapies e.g. EMDR, tfCBT or EMDR and tfCBT, and where appropriately recommended, other psychological interventions. It is strongly recommended that contact be made initially with us to discuss potential instructions, the reason being establishing the source of those referrals (see Acceptance of Instructions item 2 below) and agreement to payment terms.

Like most clinicians involved in this type of treating scenario, we treat a considerable number of road traffic crash victims. However, our main areas of expertise relate to psychological trauma that occurred at work. Please note the following terms on which legal instructions are accepted:

Acceptance of instructions:

  1. Instructions are only accepted from instructing solicitors or direct from insurers or their legal representatives.
  2. No instructions are accepted from clients themselves under any circumstance, including where the client represents his/herself or where the client has been referred to David Blore Associates via another route, including: referral by a Consultant; cases in which the client has been asked to contact us direct (including by their own legal representative) or any other route other than through direct legal representation.

Terms of payment

  1. No deferred payment arrangements can be entered into (i.e. payment of fees on final settlement of litigation).
  2. The contract to provide treatment is between David Blore Associates and the Instructing solicitor/Instructing Insurer. Payment of fees is therefore not dependant upon the instructing solicitor obtaining funding from a third party.
  3. Payment of all fees is due on, or by, one calendar month following the invoice date (the only exception to this is where an arrangement to pay fees in advance has been made). In some instances - such as requests to provide casenotes - payment must always be made in advance.
  4. Payment is by invoice. Cheques should be made out to 'David Blore Associates Ltd. BACs details also appear on each invoice. Please quote the case reference number and invoice number when making payments.
  5. Where payment is not received by the specified date one calendar month after the invoice is issued, David Blore Associates Ltd., may, at their discretion impose a surcharge of 10% on the total amount outstanding.
  6. Thereafter - unless a specific arrangement has been entered into in writing - if payment in full is still not received then matters will be handed to our solicitors.

NB Receipt of instructions to proceed with treatment, will signify all of the terms above are accepted in full. If you would like to discuss any aspect of these terms please email us at to discuss before any referral is made.

Please email us at for referrals

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