Our Services

In the order of the volume of work undertaken, David Blore Associates provides occupational psychological trauma services (funded by employers), medicolegal services (funded by insurance claims), performance enhancement services (funded by individuals). Very rarely we provide individuals with their own privately funded EMDR and/or CBT treatment. Please note we no longer accept referrals from bulk referral or 'wholesale' agencies.

How to refer to us

Please use our contact us form for referrals or email us at help@davidblore.co.uk.

We accept referrals from employers, HR departments, authorised managers, via established contracts, healthcare professionals particularly occupational physicians, hospital consultants, GPs, solicitors, the Courts, from insurance companies and in a few cases - individuals seeking treatment for themselves.

Please note we neither accept referrals from individuals representing themselves in civil claims, nor any referrals involving private medical insurance. We do however undertake public sector work involving NHS employees requiring occupational psychological trauma services, medicolegal services, or performance enhancement services.

Our service provision can change dramatically according to demand and availability of our Associate therapists. There are many reasons for this including, potentially, a major incident which would of course become a priority call on our resources. Fortunately this is extremely rare, nevertheless there are periods when delays are inevitable. In order to free clinical time up and for general logistical reasons we no longer provide home visits although we may request and provide visits within the working environment under certain circumstances. We also support clients through potential secondary traumas such as attending Coroner's Courts and we are strong supporters of the Police 'No Witness No Justice' (NWNJ) scheme.

To find out more about our services or referral methods, please click on any of the tabs shown in the 'Services' menu above.